Concrete Canvas / Brave_Arts / ERZ

Sat, October 7th, 11:00 AM and
Sun, October 8th, 11:00 AM
Alte Turmstation

Graffiti design of the “Alte Turmstation”

SCOTTY (AKA Brave1) has specialised in “art with the spray can”. His works are mostly 
very large and can often be seen on large wall facades (murals). As a pioneer in the field of street art, he has been active for 20 years. On the constant search for the perfect graffiti, Scotty pushes the boundaries of limits of the spraying technique.

HOWARD (AKA ERZ) is one of the founders of Essex. Rockerz, a group of artists from Chelmsford, 
who formed in 1986. They are highly respected members of the street art scene in the UK and an essential part in the history of graffiti in Chelmsford.

CONCRETE CANVAS is the street art festival in Chelmsford. After a second successful festival in May 2023, 80 new graffiti were created in the centre of the city. The artworks were created by local and world-renowned artists and adorn various power boxes, advertising pillars, bollards and walls.

The two artists will decorate the old substation of the Stadtwerke Backnang at the Aspacher Strasse, on the corner of Wunnensteinstrasse (opposite BauGeno building) with a graffiti design.