Street-Style / Dance Intense Factory

Sat, October 7th, 12:00 PM
Downtown / Stiftshof

In the vibrant world of the dance school DANCE INTENSE FACTORY, cooperation is the key to creative development. Our passion for dance and art brings us together with other talented artists to create a unique project. Together, we fuse different art forms into breathtaking shows that transform the streets into our stage. Our dancers work together with other creatives to create a total work of art, that captivates the audience.

On Saturday, 07.10.2023, the Dance Intense Factory will dance through Backnang town centre. Then, from 12:00, it can be seen with a dance-rap spectacle on the Rap & Soul Music Stage at the Stiftshof with Dani Suara, Breichle and Benny Redick.
In case of bad weather, the event will be held at the Murrpott at Fabrikstraße 76i.