Hungarian-German Homeland Brass Band

Sat, October 7th, 11:00 AM
Seniorentreff 60 plus e.V., im Biegel 13

Danube Swabian brass music in the Biegel

The Hungarian-German brass band of Backnang cultivates Hungarian-German brass music. In March 1961, a Hungarian-German brass band was founded in Backnang. From then on, they played at numerous Swabian balls in Backnang, Wernau, Stuttgart and Gerlingen, and were also present at the at the Swabian ball in the legendary Salvatorkeller in Munich. The musicians can draw from an extensive archive of sheet music of sheet music. They have since expanded their repertoire with numerous pieces of Bohemian music in the forms of polka, ländler and march. At the festival, the brass band takes the audience on a musical journey that once took them from their homeland to a foreign land, a foreign land that has now become home.


The musical director is HANS BACHSTETTER.


The concert begins at 11 a.m., at Biegel 13, at the Backnang Senior Citizens’ Meeting Place.