Europe yesterday, today, tomorrow

Sun, October 8th, 11:00 AM
Bandhaus Theater
Political morning pint

On Sunday, the Bandhaus Theater will host a political morning pint on the historical, current and future significance of a united Europe. Attending the discussion will be the Member of the Bundestag DR INGEBORG GRÄSSLE, the former member of the Bundestag ROBERT ANTRETTER, the author FRANZ HUBER and the historian DR CARSTEN KRETSCHMANN, and they will discuss the historical significance of the European Union. It has grown against a historical background of wars and tragedies, and for this reason it acts as an urgently needed alternative to a nationalism that has brought much disaster and suffering to the continent.


The event will be moderated by freelance journalist CHRISTIAN MUGGENTHALER. 
European music will be provided by CINDY VELZ (clarinet) and GERHARD KLEESATTEL (piano): There are works by Clara Schumann, Mélanie Bonis, Béla Bartók and Edward Elgar.