Welcome Party & Fernweh Ensemble

Fri, October 6th, 7:00 PM
Murrpott, Fabrikstr. 76i

At the start of the Twin Towns Festival, the “Fernweh Ensemble” will play music from all over the world. In their new show, soulful chansons take the audience to the streets of France, “Brazilian Soul”, let you dream of the Brazilian heat, and the song “Happy” by the folk-pop band “Bukahara” spreads, according to its name, a groovy good mood. Besides compositions that the musicians have arranged themselves, there will be titles such as “Out of the Blue” by “Cassiopia”, as well as original compositions.


The ensemble includes PIA SOPHIE STAHL (horn, trumpet, guitar and vocals), ALINA KLOTZ (violin and vocals), NELE IMKE REGENSTEIN (clarinet and moderation), LEONIE HAUCHLER (piano and vocals), FELIX HÄRER (cello) and ROBIN KNAB (percussion).


In the Murrpott, on this evening we will welcome our European guests with a Welcome Party 
and introduce the artists and participants. Afterwards we will eat together and get to know each other.


I Registration is requested.